Dr. Aroup Chatterjee

Writer | Atheist | Physician

Aroup Chatterjee, born in Kolkata, is a physician working in England. He is the author of the book Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict and Mother Teresa: The Untold Story, a work which challenges the widespread regard of Mother Teresa as a symbol of philanthropy and selflessness.


Aroup Chatterjee, a Calcuttan by birth and atheist by conviction, migrated to Britain in 1985 to work as a doctor. It was here he first became aware of Mother Teresa and the fantastical claims made about her work among the destitute of Kolkata. Stung by the depiction of the city of his birth as a living hell of pestilence and destitution promoted by the 'living saint' and her devotees, he set out to uncover the truth behind the Mother Teresa myth.


Mother Teresa: The Untold Story

'Painstakingly recorded, (exposes) the other side of Teresa'

-Irish Independent, Dublin

The popular tendency is to deify myths, gurus, and personalities without investigating the claims thoroughly. Mother Teresa is one such name. Does Mother Teresa deserve her reputation as the most charitable person who ever lived? This book makes for a gripping but disconcerting read.

Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict

'Necessary, well-documented'

-The Times Higher Education Supplement, London

This book doesn't attempt to argue that Mother Teresa was a bad person, though it often gets characterized that way. Rather, it argues that she was viewed as a saint not because of her actions but because the western world has the desire to believe in someone like Mother Teresa.

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